Traditional & Festive Christmas Décor Ideas

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Decorating your home for Christmas can be one of the most fun things you can do with your family and friends. You can bring the holiday spirit to the house by decking out the place with Christmas decor ideas. Welcome the Christmas season with festive decorations around the home. Below are some Christmas decor ideas to spice up and refresh your traditional decorations. Take inspiration from these ideas and create your wonderland.

 Creative Incorporate Lanterns Ideas

You can add in lanterns into your Christmas decorations by simply putting candles inside the lanterns. Or, you can fill the space in the lantern with lights or ornaments. Moreover, you can make use of the snowy season and create your ice lanterns by freezing water into a plastic cup, then into a plastic container of a relatively bigger size. Unmold once the water is freeze inside the container and cup. Insert candles inside the cup hole, and your very own ice lantern is ready to put either outside or indoors.

Christmas Wreaths Decor Ideas

You can make your wreath and incorporate your personal preferences and design to it. You can make the wreath more special by filling it with pine cones and decorating your kitchen area with it. You can also create wreaths of different shapes and sizes according to the design of your home. Moreover, you can pair the wreath that you created with vibrant color decoration elements.

Charming Christmas Countdown

Create an adaption of the traditional Advent calendar by crafting a countdown display. For the month of Christmas, name each bag after the day. Fill each pint-size bag with chocolates and treats that your family will love to taste. This interactive countdown calendar is a display of your excitement and joy for the holiday.

Use Your Presents As Christmas Decor

You can decorate your home for the holiday by scattering presents all over the place. Put gifts on your staircase or around the fireplace. This simple and elegant Christmas decor idea will make your home look effortlessly decorative according to the season.

Old Christmas Card Recycling Ideas

You can make use of all the previous cards collected. Make a collage of old cards and display them on a wall. Or you can use these cards to make an alternate Christmas tree. All you have to do is to tape all the cards in the shape of a Christmas tree.

Create Album As A Christmas Present

Upgrade the traditional gift-giving ritual by using pictures on the presents instead of the name tags. This Christmas decor idea is sure to touch the heart of your loved ones. This addition will make your gifts presentable and a design element.

Christmas Door Decor Ideas

Decorate the inside of your front door is a welcoming gesture for the guests. You can put garlands on the inside of the door and add some energy and zest to your well-decorated home. As the people come in and leave that door, the decoration will remind them of the Christmas spirit.

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